Strategic advice

Providing strategic advice on intrinsically contentious is a key part of our practice matters.

Ideally, we advise our clients before a dispute arises. Legal projeckt management and careful wording of clauses governing jurisdiction and choice of law, and of individual provisions particularly prone to dispute, can prevent many problems.

In the event of (impending) disputes, we develop a comprehensive conflict resolution strategy. At an early stage of an emerging dispute, we conduct a detailed analysis of all aspects of the situation and legal circumstances, weigh up the risks and benefits of taking the matter to court or arbitration, identify alternatives, prepare detailed analyses of the associated risks and costs and devise a viable overall strategy.

At each stage, we examine the options for resolving the dispute amicably, if required, and advise or represent our clients in negotiations with the other party. We take the specific interests our clients into account, such as the need to maintain an ongoing business relationship with the counterparty or presentation of the issue in the media and the associated implications for our clients company’s image.

To encourage the amicable settlement of disputes, we support and represent clients in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings (ADR), such as mediation, conciliation or adjudication.