Alternative Dispute Resolution & Specials

German-Polish legal relations

Our portfolio
  • advise on investment moves and business operations in both Germany and Poland.
  • assist you in both the field of German and Polish law – from founding a company to making it grow.



Our portfolio
  • Defence of individuals
  • Advice to companies
  • Criminal law compliance


Dispute Resolution

Our portfolio

Strategic advice

Our portfolio
  • Drafting of contractual documents to avoid disputes
  • Consideration during contractual negotiations of your interests
  • Elimination of potential for risks in contracts and advice in connection with the execution of agreements
  • Development of strategies for out-of-court resolution
  • Involvement in out-of-court negotiations as strategic advisors or conduct of negotiations with the opposing party
  • Clear description of the legal opportunities and risks inherent in litigation with concrete recommendations for action

Arbitration and Mediation

Our portfolio
  • Helping to design effective arbitration agreements
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Acting as arbitrators
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Adjudication
  • Expert determination
  • DIS Dispute Management Rules



Our portfolio
  • Management of all litigation activities
  • Establishment of relevant facts through direct contact with client employees
  • Collection of evidentiary material in a form suitable for submission to the court e
  • Cooperation with auditors, independent experts or investigatory authorities
  • Coordination of optimal public relations activities during litigation


Project Management Law (Prawne Zarządzanie projektami)

Our portfolio
  • Legal project management encompasses the totality of the legal advisory and organisational work involved in the development and realisation of large (construction) projects